A fresh approach to the modern art of mixology.

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You are the bartender.

With the Alkemista, anyone can be an expert mixologist. Born from a desire to create better cocktails at home or in a bar, the Alkemista refines and simplifies the infusion process, putting fresh, premium drinks within reach.


With a modern nod to the classic spirits bottle, the Alkemista looks as elegant in a sleek pour as it does holding court on the bar or counter. It features an all-in-one-design constructed with a high-quality borosilicate glass, a removable filter, and a stainless steel bottom. This eliminates the need for separate infusion jars or funnels, and ensures both durability and the quality of the libations it creates.


Inspired by the artful technology of Japanese teapots, the ultra-fine infusion filter was specially designed to introduce the delicate flavors and aromas of fresh fruits, spices, roots and botanicals into your spirit, while preventing unwanted particles from entering the liquid. The filter is forged from surgical-grade stainless steel, and can hold full pieces of fruit or up to 200ml of infusion ingredients. It is easily removable, allowing you to halt infusion at any time to keep your cocktail perfectly balanced and transform the Alkemista into a serving vessel.


Virtually all flavored whiskeys and vodkas are made with added sugar and fake flavors concocted in a lab - not grown in a garden. With a clever construct and smart all-in-one design, the Alkemista enables anyone to produce a fresh craft spirit, ready to be enjoyed on its own, or mixed to create premium craft cocktails. Just use your imagination - the rest is easy!

Design Details

  • 850 ml laboratory-grade borosilicate glass bottle
  • Precision-threaded, leak-proof bottom lid encased in stainless steel
  • 200 ml ultra-fine, surgical steel infusion basket
  • Silicone cork stopper encased in stainless steel

Step 1

Add ingredients like fruits, spices, or botanicals to the infusion filter, and then add a base alcohol like whiskey.

Step 2

Allow the flavors and aromas to mingle with the alcohol.

Step 3

Pour and serve the infused spirit directly from the Alkemista, or mix with other elements to create fresh, premium cocktails.

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